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Precautions on the Use of Disk
Date:2012-11-07 11:05

1. Make sure to keep smooth and clean on the surface of the mould and working table of the disk up and down. Meanwhile, be sure that there is no foreign body such as oil stain, iron powder and high point on it.
2. Make usre that working table up and down presses on the surface of the mould firmly before magnetizing. It needs conducting twice magnetizing continuously when conducting first magnetizing to the mould.
3. Make sure to use non-slipping block properly. Meanwhile, be sure that adjustable bolt of non-slipping block needs touching the mould slightly.
4. Please confirm that magnetoconductivity of the material when directly flying plate A and plate B. Please install bottom plate with specification of 45# and then conducting flying mode when it is necessary.
5. Please inspect whether the real contact area between the mould and the disk is reliable.
6. It is forbidden that compounding the mould when there is protruding point or larger foreign body on its surface. It needs preventing the coil of the disk and magnetic block being crushed.
7. Make sure to close the main switch of the die spotting machine or close the main switch of the control cabinet of the disk when getting off of work.



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